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The Freezing Garret: a place of my own

The Freezing Garret is the home page of the Author Vanessa Knipe. Welcome - especially if it's me you're looking for.

Gosh it's roomy in here. I'm just moving the furniture in from the old Garret, but you know how it is with moving house: the sofa never fits in the place you thought it would go and that chartreuse bathroom really needs repainting.


Thank you for visiting.

A corner to work in is all I need. And yes the house is wonky - though possibly not as skewed as the photograph. During WW2 the house next door was taken out in an air raid and this house slid slightly towards the crater.

Pill Wars is out and available from all good eretailers.
Shadow and Salvation is now out. Find it on Amazon or click on the picture to take you to the publisher's site for more formats.
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