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The Biography on the books says I learned canoeing in Texas - but what was a good Yorkshire Lass doing there?!



Vanessa  Knipe


You see, it all started with or rather where I was born - which was Malaysia. After six months we were in Australia.  I was three when we moved to England. My father was an engineer working in the chemical industry and he tended to move with the job. By the time I was a teen we lived in Houston, Texas, a major centre of the chemical industry. This is where the bayous of Texas come in. I loved the feel of the smooth water against the paddle and the glittering sound of the water dropping back to the lake.


When I was seventeen my mother died and canoeing alone became my only solace. I returned to England to study at the University in York. I've always known that writing can't be a real job so I had to have a 'proper' career. I chose Biochemistry, because of John Wyndham's Trouble With Lichen. Maybe not the best reason for career choice, but I like Biology, Chemistry and Maths and I'm quite good at them.


Degree in hand, I started work at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London - a very lonely city. Working in the Biochemistry laboratory was when I learned vampirism - okay picky people, Phlebotomy - I'm good at that too. When I got engaged - oh hang on, back up a bit, I've forgotten to mention meeting my future husband at University. Honestly, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. Boyfriend/husband was a wonderful peacock who understood that I was going to wake up in the night and shout things like 'Exorcistic power in the toilet cleaner'. After I got engaged I moved back to Yorkshire and joined Bradford Royal Infirmary. Married with a marvellous son everything was on the up and my husband insisted I keep writing in my spare time.




Black Lenten roses - my husband was killed on Ash Wednesday 2001.

In 2001 my lovely husband and wonderful father to my infant son was killed in the Selby train crash.


Christopher Hugh Terry 1/05/1970 - 28/02/2001  "He carried a light in the darkness."



My son stopped speaking from the shock and was diagnosed with Autism. Working shifts in the NHS was impossible as a single mother with a disabled child; so I took to my pen.


After acquiring an Open University Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing, I sent out my work and in 2006 Paranormal Adventure Witch-Finder was published. This was followed by Hard Lessons and A Date with Darkness. I am now adding to my genres with a Dystopian Fantasy: Pill Wars will be coming out this year.




"May you always think kindly of me." (1 Samuel 1:18) as my Witch Finders would say.

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