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Two Books this year! Shadow and Salvation in my Theological College of St Van Helsing series and Pill Wars a post apocalyptic thriller.

Happiness in a Pill

The government has rushed through drug trials to release Pacifex, a powerful anti-depressant. Inventor Torin Oakwood is a hero: he makes people happy!

Jessica Fleming is thrilled to start her new job at Oakwood Industries. Yet, as she arrives, Torin Oakwood flees from the army sent to arrest him.

In the ensuing chaos, Jessica is left in possession of a file that exposes a cover-up in the drug trials. And it turns out, her boyfriend is one of the many Pacifex addicts in danger of turning into a mindless, raving monster.

Chased by the army, government agents and anti-government activists who all want the file, she must find Oakwood and force him to produce an antidote.

Can her first day at work get any worse?

Shadow and Salvation

For centuries, a tiny band of men (and they are all men) have held the monsters and forces of nature at bay. Without them, hungry elementals would swarm over Britain, consuming life for their fuel and demanding sacrifices to restore their powers. Operating out of a secret arm of the Church of England, these witch-finders protect ordinary people, allowing them to live their lives. And their center, the College of St. Van Helsing, attempts to bring new generations of witch-finders to the noble cause. Burnout and the toll of the job doesn’t make it easy and the College’s insistence that only men are qualified drives many who would best serve to become witches instead.

A witch-finder considering abandoning the church and using magic to expand his family estate confronts an elemental who promises him sex and power. A drunk student finds his own power being used to bring forth a legendary ghost dog. An angry storm disguises the yearning of a mother for her child—and her willingness to destroy a city if witch-finder magic kills that child. A Neolithic dog seeks to protect its family, still confused about why it was abandoned. An angry elemental has found a loophole in the wards that bind it to the earth and plans its escape on the day that doesn’t exist.


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Red Hair and Gold

Enforcement of the rules of magic is left up to the militant arm of the Church of England--the College of St. Van Helsing. Demons, vampires and other magical monsters chafe at the limits put on them by the church, and plenty of humans seek the power that these monsters promise... no matter what the price. It's up to students like Josh to control the magic and keep the monsters from bursting the limits and overwhelming the island of Britain.

In Red Hair and Gold (a short story in the St. Van Helsing universe), author Vanessa Knipe tells of student Josh's attempt to determine what's behind a magic outbreak in York, England. Between his own magical skills and the brass knuckles in his pocket, Josh feels confident... but overconfidence can be deadly.


Demonic elementals, vampires, krakens, werewolves, and other monsters aren't as mythical as many of us believe. They roam the English countryside, playing their games, fighting their wars, and claiming the souls of many humans. Although many deny their existance, the Church of England is not among the doubters. A special branch of the Church, headquartered at the College of St. Van Helsing, battles demons and attempts to save fallen humans before their souls are devoured. Author Vanessa Knipe spins us stories of the faculty and students of St. Van Helsing--of their successes and failures in this eternal battle.

Hard Lessons

England may look like a peaceful island, but it swarms with ancient forces: old gods hungry for a touch of worship; mysterious spectres that can grant wishes, no matter how destructive those wishes might be; pre-historic cultural memories that can raise hungry spirits; and then there's the mysterious haunted washing machine unhappy with the new detergents. To combat evil forces, the Church of England calls on a special breed of men (yes, they're all men--and that is part of the problem). The Theological College of St. Van Helsing trains its students to combat evil forces--except when those students go renegade and fight their fellows.

A Date With Darkness

It seemed like a brilliant plan. To entertain her young son on his spring break week, and to get back into the dating world, youthful widow Sally Cartwright advertises on a dating site, requesting that the dates put together an outing entertaining both to her and to Timmy. She never dreams that her ad will look like an invitation to every werewolf, vampire, ancient god or demonic force in England. Unfortunately, because Timmy was saved by his father's sacrifice, the dark forces see in him the potential for incredible power.

Because she advertised herself, the Church of England's militant wing, the Theological College of St. Van Helsing, can do nothing--there are rules that govern the behavior of both dark and light. Mike Rider, though, is prepared to break the rules. Sally was his first love and he still cares for her. Unfortunately for him, Sally still hurts from their breakup and wants nothing to do with him.

As the dark forces close in, though, Sally and Mike are forced to work together to save their own lives and that of Timmy, Sally's son.

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